Watch our latest video to see how our new Integrated Care platform provides a single, unified interface so patients, their loved ones and their care teams (GPs, home-care workers and hospital specialists) can collaborate and communicate with each other, even if they are from different organisations or using different IT systems.

Healthcare systems around the world are under intense pressure to rapidly change and adopt to 21st-century care needs. With aging populations suffering from multiple conditions, and increased care and drug costs, healthcare providers need to find innovative ways of delivering high-quality care and improved outcomes whilst reducing costs.

Care needs to be provided wherever and whenever is best for the patient; and move from hospital to ambulatory and community settings. With multiple care providers, information needs to be patient-centric, comprehensive, flexible and accurate.

With the Evolve Integrated Care platform, our customers and partners are transforming care delivery, providing the right information to everyone, wherever and whenever it’s needed, for better, more efficient patient care.

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