Kainos has been researching and developing AI-powered solutions for over three years and has taken a leading role in supporting early adoption of artificial intelligence across UK government. As a result of this focus and expertise, Kainos will attend the AI Summit in New York City as part of a Department for International Trade (DIT) mission to showcase the UK’s leadership in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML).

Dr. Austin Tanney, Kainos’ newly appointed Head of AI, will attend the trip, which provides an opportunity to meet with other leading minds across public and private sector to nurture future business development globally.

Dr Austin Tanney, Kainos’ newly-appointed Head of AI

“Developing partnerships in the US through participating in events such as the AI Summit is vital to securing the UK’s future prosperity,” said Antony Phillipson, UK Trade Commissioner for North America and Consul General in New York. “By promoting and financing international trade and investment in emerging fields – such as AI and machine learning – we aim attract even more talent to the UK and encourage innovation. Working alongside organisations like Kainos, we can showcase the promise of the technology and our ability to lead in the global economy.”

Kainos is committed to building its AI practice and is actively recruiting new talent to enhance its capabilities in machine learning and AI globally. Its growing AI capability is generating innovation, with several of Kainos’ clients and solutions already benefitting from its investment. For example, Kainos has completed a project with the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) to help improve road safety through AI-powered intelligent risk ratings. Last week, the project  won Artificial Intelligence (AI) Machine Learning (ML) Project of the Year in the UK IT Industry Awards.

Dr. Austin Tanney is a leading figure in the AI space and will be bringing his experience to help guide and shape Kainos’ AI business. As well as his role at Kainos, Dr. Tanney is also the facilitator of the Northern Ireland Artificial Intelligence Collaborative Network and co-founder and organiser of the Artificial Intelligence Northern Ireland community.

“I’m excited to be joining the team at Kainos. It’s an interesting business with a proven record in developing real-world applications using emerging technologies, like AI. The talent at Kainos is impressive, and we are keen to build out the team even further,” said Dr. Tanney. “There is so much potential for AI to be used for the greater good; I’m particularly fascinated at the prospect of applying AI to the challenges facing the government and healthcare sectors. Given Kainos’ existing position as a leading partner of trust for much of UK government, we are uniquely placed to lead the charge into the new emerging world of AI across public sector.”

“This is an exciting time for the company and the world in general; it’s great to have Austin on board to help us develop our AI capability even further, and he’ll be a real asset to the team,” comments Kainos’ CTO, Tom Gray. “Applying AI effectively requires a broad range of skills and experience, from leading edge research, through user centric design and data science, to technical implementation, and considering ethical and socio-economic impacts. Collaborating, partnering, educating and experimenting will be vital to building communities that can support its effective introduction.