Lead Test Engineer - London

Available in:

Apply by: 31 December 2018

Role Description

Directs within a multi-skilled agile team to deliver working application software that meets user needs and is of sufficient quality for promotion to users by:

  • Taking responsibility for the design and development of the test framework for a team.
  • Has substantial contribution to or owns the test strategy for a team.
  • Being an authority figure for automated and manual software testing.
  • Taking responsibility for test coverage within the team.
  • Works to design and implement functional and API tests that will ensure there is coverage of both expected and unexpected behaviour. These can be automated or manual tests.
  • Works to design and implement non-functional tests that will ensure there is coverage of both expected and unexpected behaviour. These can be automated or manual tests.
  • Works to maintain tests and ensure regression testing is performed to avoid regression issues.
  • Creates, triages and re-tests defects. Works to reduce future defects by providing analysis of the causes of defects.
  • Works with developers to ensure unit and integration testing has adequate coverage.
  • Demonstrates and advises customers on the acceptance of features.
  • Reports on the status and success of testing.
  • Coaching and mentoring test staff.


The following are required skills for Lead Test Engineers:

  • Able to create and maintain tests within fast-moving Agile delivery.
  • Has test automation experience in technologies including: Selenium, JUnit, TestNG, XPath, CSS Selectors, Cucumber, FitNesse, PHP, JavaScript. 
  • Able to communicate clearly about design of tests and the effort to implement the tests.
  • Has been viewed and consulted as an authority figure for software testing.
  • Has experience of popular test tools including such as JIRA, Mingle. 
  • Has experience configuring Continuous Integration tools for testing such as Jenkins, TeamCity.
  • Have advised Test Managers and Architects on technologies and testing practices.
  • Able to advise customers of the test impact of user stories. 
  • Able to work unsupervised.
  • Has mentored other testers.
  • Has an open attitude to sharing information.
  • Able to prioritise their own time and activities.

The following are desirable skills:

  • Actively shares their thoughts and views on technology.
  • Has experience performance testing.
  • Has experience accessibility testing.
  • Has experience with browser testing execution services such as SauceLabs, BrowserStack.
  • Has experience with test automation for mobile apps.
  • Has participated in testing communities.
  • Has contributed to open source projects.

We’re an inclusive bunch at Kainos and we believe in equal opportunity. We welcome applications from all walks of life, including those with criminal records. Everyone who is offered a position here undergoes a background check, however no one is treated differently due to their background where it isn’t relevant to the role. It’s important to note – failure to reveal information which is relevant to the position sought, could result in us having to withdraw the conditional offer of employment.

In short: Having a criminal record will not exclude you from a career with Kainos. This depends entirely on the nature and requirements of the position, together with the circumstances and background of offences.