Omeed Hashim
Omeed Hashim has over 20 years of experience in IT and has held several executive roles, across the public and commercial sectors. During this time he was accountable for implementing key digital transformation programmes such as agile process and cloud migrations. Omeed joined Kainos in 2019 as a Principal Architect and his work has been critical in helping organisations create more collaborative, secure and efficient working environments.
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How to build a business case for making the move to cloud
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Moving to the cloud promises to help companies reduce costs, increase security and become more agile. However, despite these worthwhile benefits, moving workloads to the cloud still needs a strong business case, just like any other major IT project. A conversation with my CFO at a previous workplace still rings in my ear, “Why would…
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How to move to the cloud quickly and safely
How to move to the cloud quickly and safely 1
50% of company workloads and data are expected to be in Public Cloud within 12 months[i]. With the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic, many companies have seen their timelines accelerated and companies who were yet to think about cloud adoption have had to come up with a cloud strategy almost overnight. Unfortunately, you can’t just…
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