Łukasz Budnik
Łukasz Budnik, Kainos Smart Product Architect, is responsible for delivering Kainos Smart. Kainos Smart is a secure scalable multi-tenant cloud system for automated web, security, and integration testing of Workday - the largest HCM cloud service. Łukasz in his day-to-day job is responsible for the architecture of the whole system, automation of infrastructure, innovation, and a wide spectrum of non-functional requirements, including the most important one - the security. Łukasz is a huge fan of the cloud and doesn’t mind (at all) the rain.
Łukasz's Posts
13 ways to reduce your spending on AWS
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Many companies have already started their cloud adoption journey however those newer to cloud often state that their biggest challenge is lack of resources or skills. As companies become more advanced in their use of cloud the challenge shifts towards managing cloud spend[i]. Many successfully move to the cloud but struggle to control cost sprawl,…
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Why we chose Amazon Web Services for Kainos Smart
Kainos Smart is a Software-as-a-Service automated testing product implemented specifically to make Workday testing easier and quicker.  Kainos Smart has been a major success and is delivering huge value to our customers on a daily basis.  The growth and success of the product would not have been possible without the foundations of a strong cloud…
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